DreamProtect® Tech


Improved transport, allows borders to be nearer to each other and improve the frequency of travellers from around the world, which coupled with the high turnover of customers, make hotels a critical place for the infestation of bedbugs (and other insects) . A means to prevent this and provide effective protection against these insects is essential in a hotel.
Bugs start to become immune to some synthetic insecticides, so research has moved towards natural substances.

What is DreamProtect®?

DreamProtect® is a safe, efficient, complete and natural solution to protect against bedbugs, it is not an insecticide treatment because its composition does not include synthetic substances (Pyrethroid free).

It is not an insecticide treatment with a chemical composition, its composition is completely natural and safe for user's health.

How does it work?

Dreamprotect® are microcapsules that allow a gradual release of the product, when it is used (through friction). More effective than standard treatments, since it is only activated if it is used by the user.

Where is it applied?

It is applied directly to the exterior padding of the mattress for complete protection of the user and the mattress. Include chart with the advantages of the microcapsules:


  • Progressive release of the active ingredient for long periods.
  • Increased durability of the treatment.
  • Increased efficiency by avoiding the use of binders and other additional substances.
  • Breathability properties are maintained and the fabric is soft to the touch.

Do the bases, have DreamProtect®?

No, the treatment of fabric mattress covers about 20 cm (5-10 cm) around it, allowing the customer and the base to be covered.

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