Quality system:

  • Flex Hotelería's commitment is to satisfy the needs raised by our customers and users through the implementation of our Quality System according to the requirements of standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.

In terms of fire resistance:

  • The legislation on classification of fire-retardant fabrics (M1) was repealed from the 4 July 2005, so that this legislation is not currently in effect.
  • Flex Hotelería mattresses meet, depending on the model, the British Standard BS 6807-P5 and BS 6807-P7 (Highest standard - Fire resistant barrier) and standard UNE-EN 597 (assessment for the ignition of mattresses and upholstered bases ) parts 1 and 2.

Exclusive technologies:

  • Multielástic®: Exclusive technology from the Flex Group, block of spiral double continuous innersprings that guarantee exceptional body contouring of the mattress. Heat treated during the manufacturing process to maximise its durability. Multielástic® is a self-adaptive box-spring that modifies its firmness according to the pressure it receives.
  • Optimal Support: Separates the springs from the other layers, allowing to evenly distribute the loads between the layers and the block for maximum adaptability of the upper layers so they can provide the best rest.

  • Home System:High-density material that improves the body contouring properties of the mattress. Its wavy design improves adaptability by achieving gradual compressive strength.